Butterfly Garden


July to November 2018


Insects and pollination are essential in the fertility of our watershed. One of the first spaces we discovered here was the 'Fruit Bowl', a semi-spherical landform where we are introducing edible species amongst the indigenous ecology . At the heart of this, a butterfly garden can now be seen nestled amongst wild grasses and plants. 


A lightweight, organic, flowing bamboo lattice holds partially shaded space for beautiful flowering tropical varieties of plants. Butterflies, amongst a great variety of insects, can be seen, felt, heard and experienced flitting between these flowers.   Creepers and climbers are beginning to weave their way through the lattice, consolidating the garden. 


This was our very first bamboo creation in the watershed. Curved beams made out of bamboo splits comprise the main structure, while thinner splits were added to form a porous cladding. The construction process was very dynamic as we hadn't yet discovered the art of scaffolding. Primary beams were lifted into place, one after another, with huge props and many hands, and clamped together until a self-standing structure remained. During this process we were also learning about creating evenly curved beams, which meant that the translation of our model into reality needed to be flexible. Having completed a number of curved beams, the final arrangement was decided at 1:1 in scale resulting in a form that was quite different from our models.


We learned enormously from this design process. Our structural intuition was tuned in terms of feeling how bamboo can perform in various situations. To create our design ideas it became clear that it is essential to allow for a flexible process throughout the entire construction phase, where design ideas continue to evolve in response to the 1:1 material reality that is being formed.


Created as a workshop with students from Cardiff University, UK: Nick, Isaac, Iunia, Jan, Mo, Meylan, Jem, Rory, Rowan and Alex

and completed in collaboration with local craftspeople: Joaquin, Hernan, Libardo, Miguel, Johany and Alba


Dwelling in Symbiosis