Chamber of Wonder


August 2019 to October 2019


Two intersecting circles create a vesica pisces, a geometry which is an act of co-creation. A three-dimensional understanding of this sacred form became the foundation of this design. The function relates to it's geometry as the Chamber of Wonder is a space for creative action, as well as an internet hub 'office' for the watershed.

The roof structure creates a relatively enclosed, held space, below which two flattened bamboo floors hover above a central earthy vesica pisces. The reciprocal roof structure, where each bamboo pole rests on the previous to create a closed central ring, also connecting with the concept of co-creation and collaboration.

Built in collaboration with local craftspeople: Joaquin, Medardo, Dorance and David, and twelve international volunteers for the month of August: Sev, Victoria, Ali, Santiago, Simon, Paola, River, Elise, Loic, Laodice, Yizel and Massimo


Dwelling in Symbiosis