January to March 2020


This nest-like bedroom is situated high on a hill and is dug into the earth. It is a held space full of gentle light and sounds, with wide views over the rainforest. Facing to the east, the bed is aligned with sunrise and glowing pink hues warm the space as morning dawns.


The design began with the gesture of a form hugging an opening in the hill's steep slope. This form is created by five curved beams, constructed from splits, creating a dynamic vault. Built as a weave of bamboo splits, this surface has a gentle tactile quality. The ceiling meets the hillside at the back with a small gap, allowing diffuse light to enter the space from above. A spiralling stone moat, dug into the angled earth back-wall, collects water from the roof and hillside and channels it out to both sides of the building.

A cluster of columns emanate from rocks in the ground, splaying open as they rise to support the ceiling beams. The resulting structural cluster supports an egg shaped platform above a dressing area below. Here there is a second vault which houses the bed. Four smaller curved beams span between the column cluster, connecting with the larger ceiling beams to one side and after the building's centre-line, diverging to meet the columns on the other side of the platform. A light veil lines the symmetrical bed space, becoming a second skin within. It feels like the delicate egg held in the centre of the nest.

Created in collaboration with a Joaquin, Medardo, Dorance and Freddy


Dwelling in Symbiosis