at Soná

For an immersion into experiences of inner aliveness...

bring an attitude of openness

expect the unexpected

be prepared to discover the deepest rhythms


Dreamspace is an immersive experience of dwelling within a tropical rainforest. it is a space held to cultivate inner aliveness and connection with a deeper sense of purpose.

This means being fully in nature, surviving (/thriving!) through a distillation of the fundamentals of living in the 21st century. Set within a boundary condition between wild rainforest and healing farmland, inhabitation is enriched by the re-wilding processes of nature. Dwelling will be complimented by creative activity, both of which will be gently guided to offer opportunities of inner re-wilding. Transformational experiences of insight often arise as healing occurs within and without.

A co-existence of living and creating here involves:

* exploring tropical biodiversity with lively walks

* bathing in streams of crystal clear water

* harvesting bamboo and craftmanship

* creating pure organic, plant-based food

* drinking enlivened, fresh stream water

* inviting flow movement into bodily awareness

* growing fruit and veg with biodynamic techniques

* participating in evening candle-lit circles


Dreamspace invites us to dream with the vision that grows out of our inner self.


The invitation is directed towards:

​nurturers of an attitude for contributing to life;

​lovers of adventure and the challenge of pursuit;

​seekers of meaning and inspiration towards purposeful living;

​dreamers of a bigger picture;


Alternatively, or in addition...

someone may have given you a voucher,

in awareness of your deeper essence.

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Dwelling in Symbiosis