We are delighted that you'd like to join this 21 day hands-on experience in the rainforest from 25th July to 16th August 2019.

There are three steps to complete your enrolment:






1. Guidance for Transition


* A tone of appreciation, connection and enthusiasm forms the basis of dwelling in symbiosis. Creative activity will be an important focus of most days. It is expected that all participants bring their creative energy and vibrancy to these collaborative sessions. 

* This is a group experience and we request that everyone takes care and looks after other participants in the group, respecting them at all times with an attitude of good will.

* During our time at Soná nourishment will be wholesome and deeply nourishing. Food will be plant based. Crystal-clear drinking water can be collected from the drinking stream (UV filtration will be available upon request). There will be a policy of no alcohol or smoking.

* Activities such as preparing foods for the group and taking care of the campsite are part of the experience, including care of tents, tools and other equipment used for the project. For any given meal there may be up to 3 participants helping to prepare the food and wash up afterwards. All participants and leaders will take part in these activities.

* All soap, shampoo, detergent and toiletries must be bio-degradable. Use of non-biodegradable disposable items, packages, etc will be minimised. Please keep track of items brought in such that you are able to bring them out. Upon departure, we will not be leaving any plastic, litter or left-over items at Soná, and will leave it in a more healthy condition than when we arrived.

* All participants will have access to daily bathing in crystal-clear stream water. Going to the toilet is also part of dwelling as an offering in our composting toilets. 

* Accommodation will be in shared tree-tents of twos or threes. We will try to accommodate friendship groups and couples, please let us know.

* Please inform us of any medical conditions well in advance of the workshop.

* Dwelling in Symbiosis reserves the right to kindly ask any inappropriate participation to either be transformed or relocated at any point during the workshop.

* When organising transport from your hometown to and from Medellín please make sure to factor in time before and after the workshop for transport and acclimatisation. All participants will need to be available to take a bus from Medellín first thing in the morning of 25th July and will return to the city in the evening of 16th August.


2. A few words about yourself


Please introduce yourself using the form below. By clicking on the "I'm in!" button, you are expressing that your values are aligned with the Guidance for Transition described above.


3. Payment

option 1: full payment (£750)

option 2: Pay a deposit (£125)

You can book a place on Generation 2: Wonder by paying a deposit. You will have the opportunity to pay the remaining £625 before June 2019. This option allows individuals to secure a place now and do fundraising over the coming months. 

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Dwelling in Symbiosis