We look forward to meeting you in July.

Here are a few guidance points at this stage...  



A bus to the rainforest will leave from Yolo Hostel, Cra. 32d ##7a-77, Medellín ( early in the morning of 25th July. We advise arriving a few days beforehand to begin to adjust to the new time zone, climate and culture. 

Returning from the rainforest, there will be a bus on the afternoon of 16th August, meaning that our return time to Medellín will be towards the evening. We recommend staying at least this night in the city.


suggested packing


- hiking rucksack with shoulder and waist straps (approx. 65 litres is appropriate)...with a waterproof cover - suitcases are difficult on uneven grounds

- ankle boots / wellies / (optional addition - barefoot shoes)

- long, light trousers

- shorts

- t-shirts (including some long sleeved to protect from sun / insects) 

- undergarments

- swim wear

- wicking socks (so your feet stay dry) and some long socks (to protect lower legs in dense vegetation when you don't want to wear long trousers)  

- waterproof gear (poncho / rain coat and trousers) 

- travel towel (fast dry) 

- hat 

- metal water bottle  

- plate, cup, bowl, knife, fork, spoon (kitchen and serving crockery will be provided but we ask each person to bring and look after their own items to eat from) 

- high visibility item of upper body clothing (rather than a standard hi-vis jacket we ask all expeditioners to bring a brightly coloured item for construction wear for character) 

- health and wellbeing items (any personal items, plasters, mosquito repellent, antiseptic, sunscreen, charcoal tablets, natural soaps / shampoos / conditioners, female sanitary wear, toothpaste, etc - all to be biodegradable) 

- gloves and goggles (for bamboo work) 

- sleeping bag for moderate temperatures (consider a cotton sleeping bag liner if you are a warm sleeper!)

- head torch and batteries (if you are buying a new head torch, find one with a dimmable brightness - our eyes will adjust to quite minimal light and the animals will appreciate this!)

- journal


photography and video

We generally look for one or two people to manage photography / videography of the workshop. If you are particularly interested and would like to lead on gathering footage do let us know.

finally ...


We are extremely excited to get started with Generation 2! Let us know if you have any questions at


Chao for now!

Elle and Sergio

Dwelling in Symbiosis