Symbiosis Events

Holding space

The sanctuary which we have created is nestled within a rainforest watershed. Since July 2018 we have hosted a number of events, which have mainly featured our own bamboo construction workshops. We love collaborating with other transformational leaders and holding space for events, such as retreats, workshops, movement, food preparation.

Our watershed can comfortably host around ten people. We love to prepare plant-based foods, especially the delights of raw cuisine. We accommodate our guests in adventurous tree-tents where they are fully immersed in the depths of rainforest experience. We are creating new rainforest spaces every day. If you are interested in running an event in the watershed, do get in touch.

... hosting your Event...

the Watershed

Standing at the furthest reaches of the watershed, opposite the entrance, is a tall peak. At sunrise, it is a place where the extents of the watershed come in and out of focus as the night's mist moves and begins to dissolve. Lower down, focal points of bamboo construction and places of intentional planting are revealed amongst previously farmed land, pocketed within extents of indigenous ecologies. Through the middle of the watershed a trickling stream, Cristales, can be heard. These waters are birthed in several springs high up in the ancient woodland and connect at a dirt road with a larger river, San Blas, that sees the whole valley in its course. 


Bamboo sculptures for intentional dwelling are carefully located amongst the rainforest. They include a rainforest kitchen, composting toilet, chamber of wonder, as well as planted flowering gardens.


The entire watershed remains in peaceful darkness as night falls once again. Other than a seasonal proliferation of fireflies and headlight beetles, our watershed emits no light and at night is bathed by a celestial luminescence. Adjusting the rhythms of the human to those of nature allows the subtlety of the night's light to be felt.

Dwelling in Symbiosis