contribute to a project about dwelling

in symbiosis with nature

& re-wilding, towards a state of thrival

We invite you to join us

in exploring what it means to dwell in symbiosis with nature

and in contributing to outer and inner re-wilding.

Ways to participate include annual three-week workshops (called Generations) and longer term volunteering... this for you?


  • Creation with bamboo:  What emerges in terms of design when imagining new ways of inhabitation that allow for a full symbiosis within nature? The region of San Carlos has a natural abundance of bamboo which will be the main material to facilitate these explorations. Creation happens at a variety of scales, from the hand-held to a built space, in relation to the particular amalgamation between participants and land.

  • Re-wilding: How can we re-imagine the flows of energy and matter related to the act of dwelling for a group of humans fully in this ecology? This means human beings connecting with a natural ecology in ways that enhance life at all scales and in all forms. It becomes a re-wilding of the land as well as the human -- a fully symbiotic thrival amongst nature.

  • Adventurousness: Which opportunities for transformation are brought about by being exposed to vastly unfamiliar living conditions? Openness and perseverance seem to be expressed as depth of capacity and insight. Days will be pretty active and spent mostly outdoors, food will be plant-based and nights will be accompanied by exciting tropical storms - this isn't for the faint hearted!




Creating the next space at Soná, where a group of like-minded individuals build with bamboo from the space of dwelling in nature. This means dwelling fully in nature - including bathing in crystal clear stream water, gathering in a circle of trees, sleeping in tree tents - being almost entirely outdoors. Each Generation explores how life can be an offering in the most fundamental ways, bringing reverence to the everyday. Participants add to the landscape and experiences at Soná, leaving their traces outwardly with bamboo creations and inwardly through personal transformation and connection.



from September 2019, for 6-12 months 

If you are interested, please get in touch with the form at the bottom of this page.

We would like to invite creative, practical individuals with an interest in dwelling fully in nature. Volunteers will be involved in a wide range of responsibilities which will involve both group and individual activity with immersion in natural cycles. A personal aspiration for connection with the wildness of nature and the wildness in oneself is critical for thrival in the rainforest and engagement with this role. 

currently only as a gift from Soná become public in the future!

...a space to connect with the dream that moves you, the beat that tunes your inner rhythm, the action that allows you to live to your fullest potential. Dreamspace is a tailored experience of dwelling in the rainforest which focuses on connecting with the depth of being human, the potential for aliveness and the sacredness of the everyday. Soná holds an immersive space for deeply creative and insightful investigation. This is a gift to the future, allowing a seed that already exists within a person to grow.



If you'd like to participate in this project please contact us using the form below, letting us know a little about yourself and your interests towards being part of this project:


Dwelling in Symbiosis