Inner + Outer Re-Wilding

The question at the heart of our exploration is “how can the act of dwelling be an offering?”. This may mean many things to many people. To us it means honouring what is alive. Current ways of living with nature result in the polarised conditions: urban landscapes where nature is at best tamed; and nature reserves where the human is usually kept at a distance. The irony is that humans are part of nature, and nature is part of the human. This separation is one important aspect of human action being out of alignment with deep purpose.

Our exploration is to do with inner and outer re-wilding of the human condition, where meaningful action is aligned with deep purpose.

This investigation is located where the Andean mountain geography dissolves into the ecology of the tropical planes of central Colombia. The area is called San Blas. Our home is an eighty hectare watershed, the catchment area of the small river ‘Cristales’. Over the last hundred years, the region went from being pure rainforest to being heavily burnt for farming, through a phase of exodus due to war and violence and now, for the last ten years, into a state of peace. Remarkably, over the forty years of violence, the rainforest returned! The paradox now is that with a state of peace, people are coming home and bringing with them their old ways of making a living – burning rainforest for cattle farms.

‘We dwell in the landscape, and the landscape dwells in us.’

[Pallasmaa, J. (2009). The Thinking Hand, John Wiley & Sons Ltd]

'why wouldn't the concept of everydayness reveal the extra ordinary in the ordinary ?'

[Holloway, L. & Hubbard, P. (2001). People and Place]

Creative Flow


into a space of awareness

where we experience the sacredness of everyday life,

of all living beings,

of movements, states and flows.



facilitating life forms to go through a process of transmutation

towards a state of thrival.

Creating space

to distill what is fundamental

in human inhabitation.

Exploring the reciprocity


the inward flow of raw experience

(as received from the world)


the outward flow of creative energy

(naturally emanating from the human condition).

Dwelling in the world,

bringing forth spaces, situations and membranes 

which gently mediate our experience of the world.  

Our Vision

We see another potential:

  • To create a rainforest village where humans and nature can thrive in symbiosis.

  • To build bamboo sculptures for inhabitation (symbiosis architecture) that enlivens the physical and subtle bodies.

  • To protect vital landscapes, including rainforest, bamboo groves and waterways, and to re-wild previously farmed land.

  • To incubate innovative ideas for creativity and entrepreneurship, allowing local people to transcend their attachment to animal farming, and individuals worldwide to transcend the mainstream ‘rat-race’ career path.

  • To allow the human condition to re-wild inwardly (beliefs and conditionings) and re-wild outwardly (actions, habits, landscape and build environment).

  • In the long-term, to bring this way of living to regions across the bamboo belt of the world.

'only if we are capable of dwelling, then we can build'

[Heidegger, M. (1993). Building, Dwelling, Thinking]

Dwelling in Symbiosis