Symbiosis Village

While living in this magical watershed, holding space in the rainforest sanctuary for meaningful encounters, we are setting out to create a rainforest village. There are several important components, described below...

Symbiosis Domains

These carefully defined areas of land allow families to create a home in connection with the Earth, and can be passed down through generations. The concept of ownership is redefined as generations nourish the land which nourishes them. This is the permanent aspect of a village of 'good neighbours' and enables a collective re-wilding of human inter-relationships.

Symbiosis Sanctuary

At the core of the village will live a space to share the healing wonders of rainforest living with a much wider community of visitors. This includes transformational gatherings such as retreats, workshops, conferences, as well as time-share guests who have the opportunity to stay annually. It will comprise a spa, natural pools, a raw food kitchen and a number of cocoons for visitors to stay in. The importance of a flow of visitors is in the ripple effects towards positive lifestyle practices that it has in personal lives beyond the rainforest.

Symbiosis Landscapes

Acts of care for the rainforest, the bamboo groves and the waterways are essential. A large aspect of this initiative is to bring human presence and action to these landscapes for their nourishment. Moving away from commercial forestry techniques, we are creating deeply connected networks amongst these ecosystems, leading to a resilient and long-term future.

Symbiosis Entrepreneurship

A vital aspect of the rainforest village is that it holds space for transformational entrepreneurs to expand and widen their impact while allowing their projects to connect more deeply with nature. We are looking for this to include: intentional care for children; bamboo craft; rainforest botanicals; women empowerment initiatives; exploratory art studios; and holistic healing services that compliment the sanctuary experience.

Symbiosis Incubator

In the near future, the incubator will offer an inspired place for creative individuals to develop new ideas for projects that are transformative to rainforest living around the world.

Symbiosis Superfoods

We are developing forms of rainforest gardening, with a fully organic, biodynamic setup. In the future we look to produce superfood crops for an international marketplace. This will contribute to sustainable local employment and profits will be reinvested in the rainforest landscapes. The aim is to bring together traditional Colombian crops with a vision for new ways of eating in the space of raw foods.

Dwelling in Symbiosis